The royal paths – Cracow and Niepołomice Forest


Visit Cracow and the old forest of Niepolomice – one of the favorite hunting place of Polish kings.

The tour will take us through the city, along the Vistula river to Niepolomice. You will listen stories about the city, brave Justyna, and king Kazimir the Great, but also also learn about battle scenes from II World War.

This bike tour is also greate occacion to admire the forest, discover beauty of nature and, hopefully observe wild annimals.


Route difficulty: easy

Distance: around 30 km

Travel time: approx. 5 hours (with breaks)

Road surface: asphalt and gravel paths


You will visit:

The market was also a place of court and execution, which was an example of urban entertainment. Here, where history is full of legends and curiosities, there is a vibrant cultural and leisure life with its Christmas markets, festivals and manifestations. The Old Town is also the oldest street in Krakow with finds from 9th c., a place of shelter from the Mongol invasions of the 13th century, but also the most beautiful work of the German artist from the 15th century.

The icing on the cake is the Wawel Hill with the Royal Castle and the Cathedral, the mother of the Polish churches. The magnificence days of the Royal Castle ended with the transfer of the king and court to Warsaw. The historic seat of the kings, and in subsequent centuries, the place of barracking of troops, the residence of German dignitaries during World War II, after many years of renovation, obtained garments from the 16th century- time of splendor and uniqueness.

The cathedral was the place of coronations, weddings and royal funerals. For almost 1000 years it has been a place of worship of Saint Stanisław. Yet, his altar is still the Altar of the Fatherland.

Vistula Cycling Route – is a bicycle route that will allow eco-tours of Poland, starting from the source of the Vistula River in the Beskidy Mountains and ending at the mouth of the river to the Baltic Sea – a total impressive distance of more than 1,000 kilometers. During this tour, you will take advantage of the convenient section leading along the embankments leading from Krakow east to Niepołomice.

Royal Castle and Forest in Niepołomice – a Gothic royal castle from the mid-14th century rebuilt in the Renaissance style is located in the center of Niepołomice. This spacious castle is called the “second Wawel Castle.” It was built by order of King Casimir the Great on the escarpment of the Vistula river valley. It was also intended to serve a defensive function. Hunting expeditions to the nearby Niepołomice Forest were set off from it. For centuries the castle was the residence of Polish kings. Today, the castle is open to visitors and tourists.




The offer includes (basic):

  • bike rental for each participant
  • licenced Cracow guide
  • additionally care of 1-2 pilots during the trip (depends on a amount of particpants)
  • transfer by bus to Cracow after the trip



The taste of comfort and adventure!


Prices for groups (per person):

Group 8 – 14 participants – 420 PLN

Group 15 – 30 participants – 350 PLN


Additional options

Meal for the group after bike tour – 140 PLN/person





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