General information

While preparing our trips we pay special attention to details so you can actively and comfortably travel in Poland. We organize cycling tours which means diverse services, all tailored to your needs. Enjoy the cycling without time-consuming preparations. You do not need to take care about the accommodation, transport or look for hours on the Internet to plan bike tour on your way. If you want to see the real Poland up close and avoid tedious preparations, we will be more than happy to help you out!


To make sure all is well prepared and the best accommodation on our route is booked on time we confirm all bookings 4 weeks prior to the departure. However, if you go for the last minute option – it is usually possible to arrange the trip, but we give no guarantees in advance on such a short notice. Although, we will go beyond possible to make it happen!



In our  bike tours catalog you will find suggestions for bicycle trips in various parts of Poland. These are the most popular bicycle trails. We recommend you to visit particular regions along with the optimal travel time. But at your request, we can shorten or extend your trip and add additional attractions. These are packages that we tailor to your needs.

Just chose a trip and write your needs in the formular below its description:

  • the exact date of your planned stay in Poland,
  • the number of participants (+ numbers of rooms)
  • your requirements regarding: hotel standard (by default, we offer accommodation in 3-star hotels with breakfast), distance, type and number of rented bicycles (normal or electric) and other important needs you have


With the guide or without?

All our bike tours proposals can be realize in two ways: self-guided and with our guides/pilots. 

Self-guided bike tours are recommended for individual travelers who has a little bit expirience in cycling independently independently based on maps and GPS traces. But don’t worry – we will prepare the trip so you don’t have to care about anything. You will travel as if on a string – you will receive all the necessary information materials, maps and contacts in a paper guide. We will provide all services in an invisible but very comfortable way for you.

Bike tours with guides/pilots who will care of you during the trip, as well as ensures the proper course of the expedition. Recommend for business and travel agency clients, to increase the comfort of travel for larger groups.


Who we prepare trips for?

For individual clients – the expeditions designed especially for your needs and time preferences – inspire yourself by reading the descriptions of our regular expeditions.

For each expedition to take place we need at least two participants. We will not join you with another group, that way you will feel comfortable in your company during the trip.

For business and travel agency clients – all our bike tours can be organized for you. We can also organize any trip at your specific request. Just specify the dates, destination, the amount of participants and your own ideas or needs.  Our pilots will take care of your group during whole stay!


Duration of the bike trip:

One day trips – to the most famous and attractive Polish cities (Warsaw, Cracow, Tri-city, Wrocław, Poznań) and their surroundings.

2-4 day expeditions – whould you like to see Poland up closer in a few days? These bike tours are usually located near larger cities, but surrounded by nature, culturally and naturally interesting regions.

One week expeditions – let discover polish regions on bike amoung 8-9 days. This is the best way to get to know the regions of Poland in more detail. The perfect solution for a longer cycling holiday in Poland.


Will I be able to? Variety of trails

Of course! Everyone will find something for himself. We have the whole day to ride without a hurry! In the descriptions of expeditions we inform you about the difficulty of the route.

Everyone who is physically able to spend most of the day riding a bike can be a participant. You don’t have to be in a professional condition on our tours – all you have to do is prove your average physical fitness, allowing you to cover 30-65 km a day with breaks. If in doubt, you should consult your physician. Ultimately, everyone participates in the expedition at their own risk.


We offer trips of various difficulties:

easy trips – flat terrein, short daily distance 25 – 50 km, prevails asphalt surface

medium tours – flat or little more pleated terrein, longer daily distance 50 – 70 km, asphalt and gravel surface

difficult tours – more hilly, which means also shorter distance: around 40 – 60 km per day or longer daily distance 60-80 km in a flat terrein, asphalt and gravel surface

If the tour is leaded by a guide the pace of the expedition is set by him followed by the group. On selfguided tours you will have your own pace – than you will get program, maps and GPS marks for each the day of the trip.

Bike tours with a pilot will take place on the most optimal route, adapted to the capabilities whole group


Read more about what benefits you will receive during your cycling tour.


The daily schedule during the expedition (for trips with a guide):

8 am – breakfast

9:30 am – departure

11:30 am – 12.15 pm – tea/coffee break and the chance to grab something to eat. We stop in the suit-able place on the track or in the cafes or bars nearby

12.15 am- departure on bikes

2:30-3:30 pm – lunch break and the longer rest

3:30 pm – departure on bikes

6.00 pm – arrival, accommodation and rest

7:00 pm – dinner

After the last meal you will have a free time till morning to sightsee, relax or meet the other group members – whatever you prefer!

This schedule should be treated just as a guideline. Sometimes we change our plans on the way due to the needs of the group, pace of cycling and weather. In case of individual clients, they choose the route, pace, breaks and all attractions they want to see by themselves. During the regular guided trips, we follow the schedule and plan of the expedition as the guide ad-justs the pace of the expedition to each group member capabilities.

During self-guided trips day plan depends only on you!



Are you looking for the unique idea for a present? Give something special! The unforgettable experience and surge of emotion to your friends and loved ones. You can give them our bike tour voucher – it will be a memorable gift, regardless the occasion – birthday, namely, wedding gift of the Christmas present! If you know that the person enjoys travelling and cycling – this is the best option to choose – a voucher for a cycling tour!

Just send us your personal data or the data of your company and specify the name and the date of birth of a person you want to give a voucher to. Let us know what the value of the voucher should be and we will prepare the agreement and provide you with all the necessary information.

The recipient can choose from a wide offer of our expeditions or we can prepare an individual trip for him as well. Having received the payment, we will send you a voucher ready to be printed and given!


Voucher na wycieczkę rowerową