Safety and comfort of your rest

Our office has an organizer’s license tourism No. 2287, issued by the Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, as well as the current insurance guarantee with the number M 515451, for a guarantee sum of PLN 32,262.00 (warranty expiry date: 01/12/2020), in accordance with the Act on tourist services of 29 August 1997.

The guarantor is SIGNAL IDUNA POLSKA TOWARZYSTWO UBEZPIECZEŃ SPÓŁKA AKCYJNA, ul. Przyokopowa 31, 01-208 Warsaw, NIP 5832758112, REGON 19256659200000, registered in the National Court Register kept by the District Court for the city of Warsaw in Warsaw, XII Commercial Department of the National Court Register under KRS number 0000042793.

Preparing expeditions, we make every effort to ensure your safety – the foundation of a successful holiday. Therefore, each participant of the expedition is insured. In addition, we present some rules on the route and advice on how to prepare for a bike trip to derive pure pleasure and satisfaction from it.


Trip participants’ insurance:

Each Participant has an insurance policy, which includes:

  • assistance in the Republic of Poland for PLN 2,000;
  • accident insurance in the amount of PLN 60,000;
  • liability insurance for PLN 600,000;
  • insurance of sports equipment in the event of theft of a properly secured bicycle for PLN 2,500; (for trips of at least 2 days, not applicable for rented bikes)

Here you can read the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance.

The insurance is taken out with the Allianz insurance company, when you buy a  event. Willingness to supplement the insurance with additional options, e.g. related to the costs of resignation in the trip, should be reported when registering for the trip in the Comments window of the application form.



Each of you is responsible for your physical ability to overcome the designated route on your chosen route. If you are not sure that your health allows you to participate in a trip, you should consult your doctor about it. If you are not able to continue a trip on one of the stage of the tour, you can continue it by protecting car (possible for tours with a quide or trips on individual order).

In order to safely and efficiently implement the program and adjust the pace of the ride and the frequency of rests to the needs of the group, you should inform a guide about general well-being, especially preventing and excluding cycling, as well as other circumstances (e.g. bike breakdown).


Rules for traveling on a bike trip

Although the routes have been planned so as to minimize contact with car traffic, sometimes it cannot be avoided. For the most part of the trip, you will ride along dirt roads, gravel roads, forest vistas and bike trails, and less frequented by cars asphalt. However, commuting to cities, it is  inevitable use roads with a bigger traffic. Using public roads Participants are required to comply with the Highway Code, remembering to exercise extreme caution and the basic rules provided by the pilot at the beginning of the expedition on in your information materials you will get on start of the tour.


Equipment and comfort

Comfort and safety are the basis! Therefore, to make sure that the trip will be a pure pleasure for you, you should prepare a bike for the trip (e.g. as part of the service review), have proven equipment and make sure you complete the necessary set before you go:

  • functional bike (preferably trekking, cross or mountain, on thicker tires);
  • helmet – RECOMMENDED;
  • front and rear lighting (with battery),
  • reflective elements on clothing;
  • bicycle lock;
  • spare tube (or two);
  • bottle;
  • saddlebag / handlebar bag or bicycle backpack;
  • sunglasses;
  • cycling gloves;
  • softshel and rain jacket;
  • bicycle clothing for comfort on the saddle (longer and shorter shorts with an insert);
  • personal clothing for warmer and cooler days;
  • two pairs of shoes;
  • mosquito repellent;
  • vdocuments (ID card, additional insurance);
  • first aid kit (self-guided tours);
  • repair kit (self-guided tours);

First aid kit

The pilot protects the expedition with the basic equipment of the first aid kit in case of minor injuries. In case of a severe injury, we provide transport to the hospital or call medical services.